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Prepare Your BMW Car Or SAV For The Winter

Winter is well on its way and with it comes the ice, snow, and freezing temperatures that can make traveling around Wayne, NJ, difficult. The best way to ensure that the winter weather doesn't stop you from getting to where you need to go is by having winter service performed. Winter car service prepares your vehicle for whatever inclement weather or snowy travels you may find.

What Type of Winter Service Does my BMW Need?

Every vehicle requires routine maintenance and repairs to stay in shape for your daily Paterson or Little Falls commute. 

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Service with Paul Miller BMW

Is it time that your BMW 330i sedan had an oil change? Are the brakes in your BMW X5 SAV showing signs that it's time for an inspection or repair? Have you been hearing an odd noise when you drive your BMW X1 SAV around Caldwell, but you aren't sure where it's coming from? Whatever type of BMW service you need, our Paul Miller BMW service center is here to help!

Find Excellent BMW Service in Wayne, NJ

Here at Paul Miller BMW, we strive to offer every Totowa, Little Falls, or beyond driver with the excellent…

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Have You Been In An Accident? Our Body Shop Is Here To Help

Whether you've been in a major accident in Caldwell, your BMW X5 has minor damage from a fender bender in Totowa, or your BMW 540i was scratched by a shopping cart in Little Falls, we want to help you keep your BMW car or SAV as new as possible. If you've experienced any damage on your BMW vehicle, contact our body shop to have it made like new.

What Type Of Services Does Our BMW Certified Body Shop Offer?

Our body shop is prepared to handle any type of repair your BMW car or SAV may need. This…

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Take Advantage Of Our Mobile Service Van

Maintaining your BMW car or SAV can be having bigger services performed, such as oil changes, tire rotations, brake repairs, and more, but it also includes the smaller things that your vehicle needs to stay healthy. Whether it's pairing your smartphone to your BMW X3, seeing why your service light came on, or changing the wiper blades on your BMW 330e, our mobile van can help!

What Services Does Our Mobile Van Offer?

Our mobile service van will drive to your Wayne NJ area home or office to perform any of the following quick services.

  • Fluid Top-Off
  • Service Notification…
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Are BMW's Expensive To Maintain?

Because of the premium materials and high-quality powertrain included in each BMW car or SUV, they can be expensive to maintain. However, the parts and accessories that are included in your BMW vehicle tend to be of a higher-quality and will make your BMW car or SUV strong.

How Can You Reduce Maintenance Costs In Your BMW?

The best way to lower maintenance and service costs is to have your routine maintenance performed regularly. If you keep up with the smaller maintenance items, your BMW shouldn't require any large and more expensive repairs for many driving miles. 

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Our Mobile Service Van Is Here To Help!

Sometimes coming to the service center isn't an option. Whether you're stranded on the side of the road, your car dies in your driveway, or you aren't capable of bringing your vehicle for some other reason, our Mobile Service Van is here to help!

This Mobile Service Van is prepared to assist our customers with any of the minor services you may need. From oil changes and tire rotations to headlight replacements and battery changes, we'll bring the maintenance to you.

How Does the Mobile Service Van Work?

  • Schedule an Appointment - First, you'll need to…
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How Does BMW Twin Turbo Work?

If you've been researching BMW cars or SAVs, then perhaps you've noticed the term Twin Turbo engine. Many BMW models contain, or have available, a twin turbo engine that offers more power and better fuel-efficiency. But what actually is a BMW Twin Turbo, and how does it work?

BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology Beginnings

There are two types of Twin Turbo BMW engines, the TwinPower Turbo and the TwinTurbo Power. In both options, you'll find an exhaust manifold that's split into two headers. The TwinPower Turbo is one single turbo that comes with two exhaust down tubes…

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How Does BMW xDrive Work?

BMW xDrive is an all-wheel drive system that's both advanced and permanent. Found on many of our new BMW cars and SAVs, this all-wheel drive system is perfect for drivers in the New Jersey area, especially during the cold and snowy winter months. Not only does it provide more traction in inclement weather, but it also brings its drivers better handling and performance during the sunny days.

But, How Does BMW xDrive Work?

Throughout your normal drive, power is divided 40/60 between the front and rear axles. ?

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