The BMW brand has finally decided to add Android Auto™ to its list of available features for their BMW cars and SAVs. Previously, only Apple CarPlay® was available, which meant that owners of phones from Android brands like Pixel, Nexus, and Samsung weren't able to connect to their BMW vehicle. With this new update, all smartphones can connect to the BMW system and allow you to focus on the road while still staying connected and entertained.

Why Did BMW Take So Long to Include Android Auto?

The BMW brand is one of the last brands to add Android Auto to their vehicles. Most of the brands that have both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto added them together when they updated the systems to include and infotainment connectivity service. According to a spokesperson for BMW, "a majority of our customers were using iOS mobile devices," and so "Apple CarPlay was our main focus." Now, though, times have changed, and BMW customers "have made it clear though that they would like to have Android Auto integration available going forward...".

Which BMW Vehicles Will Have Android Auto as an Option?

The BMW company will be adding Android Auto to every car and SAV that is released and will also be updating every BMW vehicle that currently has the operating system seven installed with an over-the-air operating system update.

What Can Android Auto Do?

Android Auto performs practically the same was as Apple CarPlay but for Android phones. It allows your smartphone to be connected wireless via Bluetooth®, contains a voice-activated personal assistant, has a Map feature, can connect you to your phone and music, and has many available apps and features that are designed to make your drive even better.

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