During this time, it's important to keep everything as clean and sanitized as possible. While most understand this importance when it comes to washing your hands and disinfecting your home or office, most forget about one other place you should sanitize: your car.

Did you know that studies have found the steering wheel to be dirtier than a toilet seat? And that's just the steering wheel; we're not even talking about the door handles, gear shifter, seatbelt, and center console knobs. In order to help combat any bacteria, viruses, or germs that may be in your car, you'll want to sanitize and disinfect regularly.

Let Us Take Care of Your Car Sanitization

Our Paul Miller BMW dealership has created an FDA Approved and EPA Registered FRESH START program that eliminates 99.9-percent of bacteria, mold, viruses, fungus, and any other harmful organisms and odors from your car. This service comes free with all vehicles sold or serviced at Paul Miller BMW and applies to the entire cabin of your vehicle.

If you haven't bought or had your car serviced, but you'd still like to have our FREST START service performed, we can also schedule you for an anti-microbial sanitization service. Contact us to talk with one of our technicians about how we can help you keep your car, truck, SUV, or van as clean as possible during this time.

We are also offering a 25-percent off service and parts coupon to help off-set maintenance and repair costs. Talk with one of our techs to see how you can apply this coupon to any of your maintenance or repairs today!

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