Winter is well on its way and with it comes the ice, snow, and freezing temperatures that can make traveling around Wayne, NJ, difficult. The best way to ensure that the winter weather doesn't stop you from getting to where you need to go is by having winter service performed. Winter car service prepares your vehicle for whatever inclement weather or snowy travels you may find.

What Type of Winter Service Does my BMW Need?

Every vehicle requires routine maintenance and repairs to stay in shape for your daily Paterson or Little Falls commute. Common routine maintenance items include: oil changes, brake inspections and repairs, tire rotations, and much more. When it comes to winter service, other important car services are recommended. These include:

  • Tire Changes – Switch your summer tires for winter tires to get a better grip on the icy roads. Not only do winter tires have thicker tread, but they also are made of a more flexible rubber that can expand and shrink with the cold temperatures.
  • Battery Checks – Make sure that your car's battery is well charged and will get your car started no matter what the temperature.
  • Heater Inspections – When the temps drop and the snow flies, you'll want to have heat in your vehicle. Check to make sure your car's climate control is working correctly and blowing out the amount of hot air you've asked for.
  • And Much More! – There are many other winter services that should be performed before winter strikes. We suggest contacting our Paul Miller BMW service center to discover which ones our team suggests. We'd love to help you with any of your car or SAV service today!
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