The M in BMW M stands for Motorsports, and that's exactly where it started. Back in 1972, BMW took over the motorsports world with its high-performance components, track wins, and passionate engineers, drivers, and enthusiasts. As the years passed, the BMW brand took the love of motorsports and brought it into the everyday driving world. Now, if you're looking for a fast sports car, you'll want to check out the many BMW M Series vehicles in our Paul Miller BMW inventory.

BMW M is Celebrating 50 Years!

Five decades of power, history, and race wins are under our belt, with a future that looks electrified, powerful, and bright! The BMW brand is celebrating its 50th Anniversary with new product launches, events, and even a few surprises. The first of which is an outstanding WE ARE M Huddle Speech. Here are just a few stanzas from the speech to show you just how passionate the WE ARE M celebration is.

"For the past 50 years, we've dared to go our own way. Lap after lap. Corner after corner. And you know: we did it fast. But today isn't about celebrating our past. It's about celebrating our next race: the future. We are M! We transform energy into a statement. And courage into an expressive way of life. We are thrilled. Thrilled about every inch of the race. The goosebumps. The heartbeat. The desire. And if you feel it, there'll always be a door open. Together, we are one team. We are one passion. And we are just getting started."

You can join the BMW M team by searching through our current inventory to find the BMW M model of your dreams. Most BMW vehicles contain an M option, so be sure to check out each opportunity. We would also love you to contact us with any questions you may have.

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