1. The Convenience of Charging at Home or in Public

Wayne, NJ, drivers might not have considered how convenient owning an electric BMW is. You'd never be able to fill your gas tank from home. But with a new BMW iX from Paul Miller BMW, drivers can charge their new electric SAV from home or anywhere they find a DC fast charging station. Charging a vehicle also costs much less than paying for fuel, so Little Falls drivers can plan on having extra money with a new EV from our BMW dealership.

2. Cleaner Performance

Test drive the new BMW i4 and feel how smooth your ride is. Caldwell drivers who crave a sharp sports car to cruise around New Jersey will love this aggressive yet refined performer's unique design and ultra-quiet motor. Produce up to 536-horsepower in your new BMW i4 M50 and sneak past the competition in style.

3. Requires Less Maintenance

Electric motors require far less maintenance than a traditional gas powertrain. Totowa drivers will want to maintain the integrity of their tires in a new BMW EV, but fine-tuning an electric motor requires far less time and attention than gas alternatives.

4. Great for the Environment

Drivers from Butler, NJ, ready to make the switch to a more environmentally friendly vehicle but don't want to sacrifice their luxury standards, will be pleasantly surprised by the BMW EV lineup. From gorgeous BMW electric SAVs to dynamic electric BMW sports cars, there are many ways Wayne, NJ, drivers can travel in style while reducing their carbon footprint in a new BMW EV sedan or SUV.

5. Brand New High-End Vehicle Designs

Check out models like the new BMW i7 sedan and sport a new look on the New Jersey highways. While the new BMW EV options are definitely recognizable as BMW brand vehicles, you will notice the upscale and futuristic design choices inside and out. Reserve a new BMW EV at Paul Miller BMW in Wayne, NJ, that matches your personality and lifestyle.

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