Little Falls drivers new to owning a BMW EV (electric vehicle) or interested in owning one will love the ease of trip planning with the My BMW App. The My BMW App gives Totowa, NJ, drivers access to a multitude of perks in their new BMW EV sedan or SUV. One of the major benefits is the ability to plan trips of any distance and plot your charging stops as you would with a gas-powered vehicle.

How the My BMW App Helps You on Long and Short Trips to and From Little Falls

When you purchase a new BMW luxury EV, download the My BMW App, connect it to your vehicle, and voila, you have access to view charging stations all around the country. Plan a trip from Butler, NJ, to somewhere south with the My BMW App, and never fret about where you'll need to stop for a charge along the way.

What's more, the My BMW App also allows EV drivers to enroll in the Electrify America program. Electrify America gives you access to hundreds of different charging stations around the country. The coast-to-coast network also comes with complimentary charging plans, depending on the BMW EV model you own. The My BMW App is your all-access pass to charging stations and plans available here and across the country.

Use the Charging Stations at Paul Miller BMW Serving Caldwell Drivers

Bring your BMW EV to Paul Miller BMW and charge your vehicle with us. We have 13 public charging stations available for drivers to access at any time of day. If you are nearing the end of a lease on your BMW EV, check out the brand-new BMW EV sedans, coupes, and SUVs for sale at Paul Miller BMW. Paul Miller BMW in Wayne, NJ, is here for all your luxury EV needs and more.

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