Winter BMW Repairs and Service in Wayne, NJ

Common Winter Repairs Performed at Paul Miller BMW

Winter can be hard on your BMW car or SAV. Not only does winter driving offer its own set of road challenges, but the chemicals and elements used on the roads can damage your vehicle in the long run. To ensure that your BMW model stays safe and well-maintained throughout the winter months, we recommend the following winter repairs and maintenance services.

Body Work

Whether you went off the road and hit a snowbank or you've noticed a small rust patch forming on your BMW vehicle, our body shop can help get your car back into perfect shape. We can pop dents back in place, repair and cover rusted areas, replace body parts, and fix that scratch leftover from a rogue shopping cart. Leaving bodywork unfixed will lead to a more serious repair, in the long run, so don't delay.

Wheel Alignments and Wheel Repairs

Some of the most common winter repair issues have to do with your wheels and tires. From frost heaves and potholes to snow-covered curbs and iced-over snow piles, there are plenty of ways that your wheels could get out of whack. Schedule a wheel alignment to have your wheels put back into their perfect balance, or talk to our team to discuss your wheel repair plan.

Battery Replacements

The cold isn't great for your car's battery. In fact, freezing temperatures can zap the charge from your battery, causing you to have a no-start situation. If that's the case, you may need a new battery installed in your BMW car or SAV.

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